Department of Electrical Engineering
        Fu Jen Catholic University


Financial aids are offered in various formats according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, including low-interest loans, which cover tuition and fees, textbooks, and insurance in order to assist students from financially disadvantaged families to complete their studies. In recognition of academic excellence and outstanding. The Department of Electrical Engineering in FJU offers a variety of scholarships to students. Scholarships are generally awarded to students based on academic merit and good records. In order to encourage graduate students to go abroad to participate in International Symposium, students can receive a grant from the department of Electrical Engineering in FJU.


  • Scholarship of President's List in FJU.
  • Scholarship for the excellence in Entrance.
  • Scholarship of President's List in the Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Academic progress of the Department of Electrical Engineering Award: The Department of the class instructors recommended sophomore to senior students. 


  • Scholarship for the excellence in Entrance.
  • Chun-Jhi Cultural and Educational Foundation Scholarship
  • Chen, Jun-You Memorial Scholarship
  • Alumni of the Department of Electronic Engineering scholarships

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