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Department of Electrical Engineering
        Fu Jen Catholic University

Facilities & Labs


The department has a library with a wide collection of books, magazines, journals, and reference materials etc. In addition, there are several campus-wide libraries located within a short distance from the department available for use, such as Natural Science and Foreign Language Library, Social Science Library, and Liberal Arts Library. This department equipments and facilities available for research and teaching are listed in the following:

  • High-frequency digital oscilloscope    
  • Wafer probe measurement platform    
  • Vector analyzer                      
  • Logical analyzer
  • Analog signal generator
  • Internet quality testing software
  • Fuel cell testing machine
  • ARM SOC Development platform
  • Automatic battery charge and discharge system
  • Signal Generator
  • MATLAB Inverted Pendulum Control System
  • MIMO Digital control system
  • DSP chip with embedded controller development system (including motor)
  • Workstation  
  • RF Signal Generator
  • 3GCDMA Communication Training System
  • Multimedia and digital development kit
  • QualNet Developer software
  • Digital Multimedia development system
  • Components analyzer
  • MATLAB analog digital servo control system 
  • Layer-4 Switch Hub
  • Impedance tester
  • Electric power analyzer
  • PLC Network Management Suite
  • Experimental Platform for teaching network principle
  • Digital and analog control system
  • Laser plotter
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Multimedia processing package
  • Wireless network development kit
  • EMI Tester
  • Analog servo control system


  • Circuit & Electronic Laboratory
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Control / Microcomputer Laboratory
  • VLSI/CAD Laboratory
  • Embedded System / Network Laboratory
  • Communication Research Laboratory
  • Power Electronics / EMI Research Laboratory
  • Control System Research Laboratory
  • Computer & Network Laboratory
  • Mobile Computing Laboratory
  • Intelligent System Research Laboratory
  • VLSI/CAD Research Laboratory
  • Personal Computer Laboratory